Student Support Program

Our Bishvili Student Support Program offers a range of in-school services in Limudei Kodesh and Limudei Chol in Grades 1-8. Each participating student receives an individualized plan and frequency of services determined to meet their specific needs.

The name Bishvili encompasses the goals for our program: that each combination of services is created bishvil, on behalf of, the individual student, to set them on their own unique shvil, or path, tailor-made for them. The program reflects our firm belief that every student deserves to experience the beauty of learning and the lifelong benefits of education.

The model of Bishvili enables students to remain in their mainstream classroom for the majority of the time, receiving academic support either concurrently in the classroom or in pull-out groups for portions of the day. This serves to keep students with their same-age peers and broader social groups, with the goal of promoting skill acquisition along with growing self-esteem. By intervening only where necessary, we can foster the healthy, normative development of our students with support that adds confidence.

Bishvili Staff

  • Mrs. Rachel Leubitz
    Director of Student Support

  • Mrs. Shulamit Bitton
    Kodesh, Elementary

  • Mrs. Jill Carolan
    Chol, Elementary

  • Mrs. Yael Goldberg
    Kodesh, GMS

  • Mrs. Sara Beth Kahn
    Chol, Elementary

  • Mrs. Chavi Neuman
    Kodesh, Elementary

  • Rabbi Shelly Klein
    Kodesh, Elementary

  • Mrs. Michal Light
    Kodesh, Elementary

  • Mrs. Kara Porzio
    Chol, Elementary

  • Mrs. Sara Schochet
    Chol, Elementary and BMS

  • Ms. Allison Spector
    Chol, GMS

  • Ms. Susan Weinberg
    Chol, Elementary and GMS

  • Mrs. Amy Zuckerman
    Chol BMS

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