Girls Middle School

Two succinct mottos guide the carefully created program of the Girls Middle School: Growth through Meaningful Studies, and Goals are the Means to Success. In actuality, these are linked into one overarching principle – that growth is synonymous with success. Through varied learning modalities, thought-provoking classes, and a rich, diverse range of curricular and extracurricular programming, GMS students achieve this growth that both defines and spurs success – academically, emotionally, and spiritually


Across multiple content areas in Limudei Kodesh, the girls are encouraged to deepen their understanding, ask probing questions, hone their analytical skills, and inculcate the Torah-true outlook and lessons gleaned from their learning. As they discuss topics foundational to Jewish life such as emunah and bitachon, the girls are given the space, time, and respect to express themselves, and to harness their growing confidence and maturity to make intelligent, healthy decisions.

Our curricular objectives are addressed through six areas of focus:

Chumash – חומש Objective: To equip the students with the ability to independently access Torah knowledge and lessons through textual analysis. To improve fluency in reading and translating pesukim, Rashi, and selected meforshim/commentaries from the Chumash. These skills will sharpen analytical and critical thinking skills through learning how to break down, question, and understand a pasuk based on Rashi and selected meforshim.

Navi- נביא Objective: To gain a general knowledge of the basic storyline of the sefer studied, coupled with an in-depth examination of insights that the Navi is trying to convey to this generation. To improve textual skills of reading, translating, and understanding the pesukim of the Navi and selected meforshim.

Dinim/Halacha- הלכה/ דינים Objective: Review and expand the students’ knowledge of the laws of each of the מצות, basic reasons for the laws, and concepts/ethics that the laws teach. This will equip the girls with the pride, knowledge, and appreciation for the nuances of the mitzvos as they strive to perfect their fulfillment of them.

Parsha – פרשה Objective: To gain an understanding and general knowledge of the events that take place in each parsha. To be able to share applicable insights based on this information in the form of a dvar Torah.

Yedios Klalios- ידיעות כלליות Objective: To review and expand the general Judaic knowledge that is applicable to life as a practicing and learned Jewish person. To inculcate the lessons of Chazal into the students’ lives and learn from their teachings.

Historia- הסטוריה Objective: To gain a historical context and sequence of major events that occurred in Jewish history. To broaden perspective and gain an understanding of the journey of the Jewish people and the triumphs and tribulations that they experienced during specific time periods.


In our General Studies program, the students receive carefully crafted instruction designed to be creative and yet challenging, to accommodate a variety of learning styles and modalities. The students explore information, delve into factual topics, analyze data, and learn the skills necessary to be productive and successful in high school and beyond. Our teachers design their lessons to incorporate the state and national curriculum standards with their own special and engaging flair, encompassing four main subject areas:

Mathematics: In our Mathematics program, the students solidify their basic computation and analytical skills and move into pre-algebraic and algebraic learning and reasoning. Our math classes use a differentiated approach to instruction which helps meet the ability level and pace of each individual student.

Language Arts: In this multi-faceted course, students are immersed in skills, content and literature. Our novel studies and writing expectations require the students to expand their horizons, challenge their written and speaking abilities, and to express their intellect and personality through language.

Social Studies: Whether in the 6th grade World History and Cultures course or the two-year, in-depth study of American History in 7th and 8th grade, the students are given the knowledge
necessary to understand geography, historical significance, and citizenship. Our Social Studies classes address a range of academic and life skills through projects, textbook learning, cooperative groups and a strong emphasis on the development of notetaking and study strategies.

Science: Through learning about the biological and environmental forces that are in unseen motion, students develop an awareness and mastery of concepts regarding Earth, Life and Physical Science. Teachers incorporate experiments and labs that give students real-world exposure to the deas and theories that are fundamental to understanding the world around them.

Extra–curricular Activities and Programming:

Extracurricular activities are an integral aspect of school life and are a means of developing knowledge, positive attitudes, sportsmanship, leadership, and effective interpersonal skills. These
activities enhance and extend student learning and experiences beyond academic courses, and create an active and vibrant student life. Each of our extracurricular programs is planned with clear objectives that facilitate the overall goals for our girls. Such activities and programming include:

• Computers
• Drama
• Dance
• Art
• Physical Education
• GMS Production
• School Chagigos
• Rosh Chodesh Events
• Shabbatonim
• Community Service Opportunities

GMS Staff

  • Mrs. Gita Guttman
    GMS Principal

  • Dr. Jordana Carmel
    Middle School General Studies Principal

  • Mrs. Yael Goldberg
    GMS Guidance Counselor / Bishvili Support

  • Mrs. Hadar Essebag
    Executive Assistant / 8th Grade Navi

  • Mrs. Pessel Goldstein
    6th Grade Chumash/ 7th Grade Navi

  • Mrs. Ayelet Lehmann
    All Grades - Social Studies / Yahadus

  • Mrs. Miriam Merling
    7th Grade Chumash / All Grades - On-Level Math

  • Mrs. Keren Rosenbaum
    Parsha / Halacha / Director of Programming

  • Mrs. Miriam Kramer
    All Grades Advanced Math

  • Mrs. Yehudis Reich
    All Grades - Language Arts

  • Mr. Avraham Shilian
    All Grades - Science

  • Mrs. Esther Malka Bock
    Programming/PE Coach

  • Ms. Alsion Spector
    Bishvili Support

  • Ms. Susan Weinberg
    Bishvili Math Support

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