Lice Check Information

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Lice Policy

The following is our policy concerning treatment of lice:

  1. A child who has lice or nits will not be allowed to remain in class. Parents will be called to take the student home for proper treatment. This includes using the proper shampoo and methods and combing out all nits. We highly recommend using a lice-removal company, such as Lousecalls for a thorough, comprehensive, and hassle-free treatment.
  2. A child who has lice may not return to school that same day even after being treated.
  3. Before the child returns to school, he/she must receive a lice check -clearance letter from Lousecalls (for a $15 fee/ $5 for additional siblings who have lice if performed through their school visit.) The child will present a clearance certificate from Lousecalls to the main office and then go straight to class. For the protection of all children and their families, no child will be allowed to return to class until all nits have been removed and a clearance letter is secured by Lousecalls. To obtain the lice clearance letter from Lousecalls, please contact them directly at 561-376-1066 or and they will set up a time for early the next morning to check the child so the child can return to school as soon as possible.
  4. After the child has returned, and is cleared to return to class, we will recheck a day to ten days later. Parents must continue to be vigilant and continue checking and combing over the next 2 weeks to ensure that the child is completely lice-free, or it can recur and spread again.
  5. We will conduct periodic lice checks in school after major breaks for holidays. We will also check the class and siblings of any student found with lice.
  6. We ask parents to inform us ASAP if they find lice or nits on their children.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Rabbi Chaim Glazer at or by calling our South Campus at 561-465-2200 ext. #3.