Project Derech

Dear Parents,

We are so excited to be doing Project Derech in the Elementary division.  
Check back here each week where content that you can share with your children will be updated.

This week's topic: Acting with Yirah in a Sanctuary

All topics:

יסודי דרך ארץ

 Kiddush Hashem

 Tzelem Elokim

 Honor and Reverence

 Gratitude

 Derech Eretz in Speech

 Derech Eretz in Action

 Regret 

הלכות יראה

 Not sitting in a parent or teacher's place

 Calling parents or teachers by title

 Not calling a Rabbi "you"

 Speaking in a soft and pleasant tone

 Not interrupting parents or teachers

 Not contradicting parents or teachers

 Defending false accusations with yirah

 Not disobeying parents or teachers

 Not validating their opinion

 Not eating before a parent or teacher 

 Not leaving without permission 

 Not walking ahead

 Not waking parents or teachers

 Acting with yirah in a sanctuary

הלכות כבוד

 Rising for parents and grandparents

 Serving parents and grandparents

 Greeting and escorting 

 Rising for teachers

 Serving teachers

 Rising for elders and Torah scholars

 Helping elders

 Giving a seat to parents, teachers, and elders

 Learning Torah and behaving well

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