Top 5 Reasons To Volunteer for TABR PTO

5. Help your child – Anne Henderson and Nancy Berla wrote a book A New Generation of Evidence: The Family is Critical to Student Achievement – research shows that when a parent is involved in a school the children do better in school.

4. Improve your school – With the funds that the PTO has raised, we have bought needed equipment for the school! Whether it was Apple TV’s, or playground equipment, PTO events help improve the quality of the school social and educational environment. Our events bring increase school spirit, and bring students, teachers and parents together.

3. Be a role model – By volunteering for the PTO, you show your child the value of giving back to their school and to the community.

2. It’s fun! – Getting together with old friends, making new friends, running an event or volunteering for an event is social and can give you break from your normal routines.

1. We NEED YOU! – We need volunteers. Everyone has something that they can offer this school, whether it is making phone calls, giving suggestions, running an event, helping set up or clean up. We are trying to make an environment in this school where everyone here feels that they are needed and everyone here feels that they could help in some way to make a difference in their child’s education. We can’t do it without YOU!

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